ROV`s for professional use

Depth 110 meters, RB-600


We produce ROV`s ONLY for professional use.

All our models are able to do their job 24 hours per day.
No battery inside! Just main power 220 VAC.

We produce ROVs for over 20 years. Hundreds of our ROV`s are doing jobs all over the world.
We have a wide range of ROVs — from RB-50D  (50 meters depth) till RB-MIRAGE 1000 (1000 meters depth).

Our ROVs are able to be in full function for 5-6 years in hard conditions.

We are confident in our ROV and provide a 2-year warranty for them.

All our ROVs use thrusters with dry magnetic coupling. Also, it doesn’t need any permanent technical service.  This is the best protection of props from damage. It is easy to repair magnetic couplings or change the whole thruster.

We use different kinds of umbilical (cable). The most used cable is 8mm and 10mm with neutral buoyancy. Also for some kinds of models, we can use ultra-thin 4mm cable, neutral buoyancy, re-inforced with Kevlar  (we do not recommend it for everyday use — only for a special purpose). We are able to build ROVs with very long cable — up to 1200meters with copper and 5-10km with fiber optics.

To control ROV we use SONY PS4 JOYSTICK (for digital models). Our digital models can be also controlled by others USB joysticks.

We produce ROV`s with a Fully digital video system, with Full HD video on the control panel, with a build-in PC based on Linux OS.

We could install for you a lot of different additional equipment — our own produced or from other producers — for example — manipulators, cutters, USBL, different kinds of sonars, laser pointers and so on.

We are able to customize a very special order. On our website, we place only our base serial models — but we did a lot of special orders already — ask us — probably we already did what are you looking for!

We work all over the world
2 year warranty
diving up to 1000 meters