ROV RB-Mirage1000

Подводный аппарат РБ-Мираж 1000


by request

Special offer: Free shipping and training (piloting and maintenance) in your place!*

ROV RB-Mirage 1000 – a professional model for use on depth up to 1000 meters and current speed up to 2 m/s.

* – EU only.

RB-Mirage 1000 has 4 vector forward thrusters and 2 verticals. Due to vector thrusters, RB-Mirage 1000 has nice lateral movement capability and excellent stability at strong currents.
Thrusters are done with dry magnetic couplings. Motors are brushless. The thrust is 15kg in both directions.

The weight of RB-Mirage is 130kg on air.

The design of our ROV will allow you to install many different additional attachments on it. Including multibeam sonar with tilt.

RB-Mirage1000 in the base is digital. You have a choice of installing different cameras on it.

The cable variants – copper or fiber-optical.  The length of a standard cable can be up to 500 m and in the case of using a fiber-optical cable up to 5-10km. The cable reel can be done with an electrical cable layer.

The power supply of RB-Mirage1000 6kWt.

Light: 20Wt LED RGB -10 ps or more.

A lot of different modifications.

We do it customized according to your needs!