USBL tracking system LETO



€ 5 800

(ex. VAT)

USBL positioning system LETO can be used only with ROVBUILDER ROVs.

Coordinates and tracking of ROV overlays to video! To achieve absolute coordinates is used KVH Azimuth 1000 (not included) and GPS  Garmin Gpsmap 78s (not included).

USBL (Ultra-Short BaseLine) underwater positioning system made by Rovbuilder.

Our system consists of a transceiver mounted on the ship, and a transponder mounted on the ROV. These two units work together to communicate the ROVs position relative to the ship.

To obtain accurate GPS coordinates, additional equipment is required, such as a compass and GPS sensor connected to the ROV control case.

The main advantage of our system is – the possibility of overlay maps online with recorded video

Can be integrated with RB-300D, RB-600D, RB-MIRAGE, RB-MIRAGE1000.

General data:

  • operating  frequency 22kHz
  • max horizontal distance up to 1000m
  • max vertical (depth) distance up to 300m
  • distance range accuracy  ±0.2m
  • direction range accuracy  1%
  • depth range accuracy ±0.2m
  • operating temperature-5° +40° С
  • cable length of a base station 20m