ROV RB-Mirage


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ROV RB-Mirage – profi model for use on  depth up to 500 meters and current speed up to 2 m/s.

* – EU only.

Sample video RB-Mirage

Sample video 2 RB-Mirage

Since 2010 there were 4-5 restyling models.
Restyling of 2020 has 4 vector forward thrusters and 2 verticals. Due to vector thrusters RB-Mirage has nice latheral movement capability and exelent stability at strong currents.

Thrusters are done with dry magnetick couplings. Motors are brushless. 10kg at both directions.
Weight of RB-Mirage is 60kg on air. A lot of different additional equipment is available. Including multibeam sonar with tilt.

Only digital RB-Mirage is available. A lot of different cameras options.
Cable of RB-Mirage can be with copper only or with fiber optic also. Cable without fiber optics can be up to 500 meters, and up to 5-10km with fiber optics.

Cable reel can be done with elecrical cable layer.
Power supply of RB-Mirage 5kWt. (in two control boxex 2.5kWt each one, possible use two electric generators 2.5kWt each one)

Light : 20Wt LED RGB -10 ps or more.

A lot of different modifications. Individual order only.