ROV RB-Mirage


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ROV RB-Mirage – a professional model for use on depth up to 500 meters and current speed up to 2 m/s.

* – EU only.

Sample video RB-Mirage

Sample video 2 RB-Mirage

RB-Mirage since 2020 has 4 vector forward thrusters and 2 verticals. Thanks to vector thrusters RB-Mirage has nice lateral movement capability and excellent stability at strong currents.

Thrusters are done with dry magnetic couplings. Motors are brushless. The thrust is 10kg in both directions.
The weight of RB-Mirage is 60kg on air. A lot of different additional equipment is available. Including multibeam sonar with tilt.

RB-Mirage is digital. A lot of different camera options.
The cable of RB-Mirage can be with copper only or with fiber optic also. Cable without fiber optics can be up to 500 meters and up to 5-10km with fiber optics.

The cable reel can be done with an electrical cable layer.
The power supply of RB-Mirage 5kWt. (in two control boxes 2.5kWt each one, possible use two electric generators 2.5kWt each one)

Light: 20Wt LED RGB -10 ps or more.

A lot of different modifications. Individual order only.