ROV RB-Mirage

RB Mirage

price started from € 58 000

(ex. VAT)

Special offer: Free shipping and training (piloting and maintenance) in your place!*

ROV RB-Mirage – a professional model for use on depth up to 500 meters and current speed up to 2 m/s.

* – EU only.

Sample video RB-Mirage

Sample video 2 RB-Mirage

RB Mirage Specification

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm1000x695x595
Weight, kg100
Thrusters, kgs6 x 10
Speed, m/s2
Working depth, m500
Cable, m600
Front cameraUSB HD Sony f 2,1 mm 160°
Rear cameraUSB HD Sony f 2,1 mm 160°
Camera’s tilt+/- 90
Depth sensoryes
Magnetic compassyes
Temperature sensoryes
Roll / Trim Sensoryes
Three-axis accelerometeryes

RB-Mirage since 2020 has 4 vector forward thrusters and 2 verticals.

Thanks to vector thrusters RB-Mirage has nice lateral movement capability and excellent stability at strong currents.

Thrusters are done with dry magnetic couplings. Motors are brushless. The thrust is 10kg in both directions.
A lot of different additional equipment is available. Including multibeam sonar with tilt.

RB-Mirage is digital. We offer a lot of different camera options to mount Mirage frames.
The cable of RB-Mirage can be with copper only or with fiber optic also. Cable without fiber optics can be up to 600 meters and up to 5-10km with fiber optics.

The cable reel can be done with an electrical cable layer.
The power supply of RB-Mirage 5kWt. (in two control boxes 2.5kWt each one, possible use two electric generators 2.5kWt each one)

Light: 20Wt LED RGB -10 ps or more.

A lot of different modifications. Individual order only.

Available options for RB Mirage:
grabber (open/close, rotate ) – € 1 100 (ex. VAT)
laser pointers (2 ps) – € 300 (ex. VAT)
UV lights (3 ps) – € 400 (ex. VAT)
altimeter – € 800 (ex. VAT)
side camera with 2 lights – € 1 100 (ex. VAT)
side camera with 2 lights and tilt- € 1.600 (ex. VAT)
Zoom camera instead of the main camera – by request
Cygnus thickness gauge, CP-probe – by request
Multibeam sonar – by request
Sonar – by request
USBL – by request
Optical cable – by request
Electric cable reel – by request
Cable length counter – by request
Any other payload on request