ROV RB-600

Подводный аппарат РБ-600


RB-600D: € 15 000

(ex. VAT)

Special offer: Free shipping and training (piloting and maintenance) in your place!*

ROV RB-600 – profi model for use on  depth up to 300meters and current speed up to 1m/s. .

Can be used by: 

  • prof diving companys;
  • fish farmers;
  • diving centers;
  • fisherman`s and yachters;
  • hydrografs etc.

* – EU only.

Sample video RB-600A
Sample video RB-600D

Difference from RB-300:

  • two additional forward thrusters
  • cable 300m long
  • the main videocamera installed to tilt platform with 2 lights and (option) 4 lazer pointers
  • the main camera is with autofocus and ZOOM (RB-600A) or with manually set focus from joystick and ZOOM (RB-600D)
  • More payload. Abble carry multeabeam sonar.
  • 6 forward lights
  • back camear with tilt (option)
  • RB-600A has b/w camera with fixed focus for dirty water (under the main camera)

We have two kinds of RB-600:

  1. Analog RB-600A with SONY PJ260+ B/W camera with fixed focus, 700TVL, high sensitivity.
  2. Digital RB-600D with HD video camera with adjustable focus (using joystick) and ZOOM.


This model uses videocamera SONY PJ260(SD card 64Gb).

This camera works good in clean water . In clean water autofocus allows make good FULL-HD filming or photo (5.43Mpix) 

Under this camera set B/W camera with fixed focus for dirty water ( it doesnt have recording function).

Both videocameras are set to tilt platform together with 2 lights  and 4 lazer pointers(option). Tilt function has ± 90°.  Switch ON/OFF video recording or make picture possible using joystick . The rest settings of videocamera possible make only out of water — using its remote control.

To download video from camera possible only out of water using special cable. Video camera sends analog video sygnal to control box for ROV control. Its possible record this analog videosygnal, using USB adapter (included).

The main disadvantages of this option:

  • no telemetry on the downloaded video from  SONY camera
  • you should download video from camera every time after job

The main plus`s:

  • good video quality in clean water (see sample)
  • possibility make high quality pictures


This model uses digital HD videocamera  , which sends digital HD  (1280*720) video to control panel. Camera`s focus can be adjustable using joystick. It has optical ZOOM. Camera works nice in clean or dirty water. It has B/W mode. There is a PC installed to control panel based on Intel NUC. Its uses OS linux(Ubuntu).

This digital HD video with colour telemetry text and graphics permanetly records to hard disk and uses for ROV control .

The main disadvantages of this option:

  • video quality not so good as  SONY PJ260 has and there is no auto focus function

The main plus`s:

  • video records goes with telemetry
  • there is no need to download video every time after job — you can do it anytime using flash drive and USB connector on control panel
  • there is a possibility to choose hard disk volume and type (typically SSD 120Gb)
  • there is a full function PC in control panel — it allows not only records video but also sign and view it
  • there is a possibility to overlay on the video absolute coordinates of ROV using our USBL
  • it uses more complicated USB joystick SONY PS4.
  • there is an overlay of aditional sensors ( outside temperature, pitch-roll and etc)
  • it has flexible overlay — possibility to change of its color , size and location
  • the source code of control panel is open, its uses Python

Model uses neutral  buoyancy re-inforced with kevlar umbilical (cable) (8mm diameter, 300 meters long). By order  can be done special version of RB-600D with cable 8mm and length up to 600-1200 meters…RB600D is able to pull 1200meters of 8mm cable in still water (pipe).

Attention — HIGH VOLTAGE in the cable, Usage prohibited with damaged cable!

Available options for RB-600:

  • grabber (open/close, rotate ) – 1 100 (ex. VAT)
  • lazer pointers(2 ps) – € 300 (ex. VAT)
  • UV lights (3 ps) – € 400 (ex. VAT)
  • underwater rifle  (one shot, arrow on the rope) – € 1.100 (ex. VAT)
  • altimeter – € 800 (ex. VAT)
  • sonar, USBL – by request
  • back or side camera with 2 lights – 1 100 (ex. VAT)
  • back or side camera with 2 lights  and tilt- € 1.600 (ex. VAT)
  • SONY PJ740instead of main camera – € 800 (ex. VAT)
  • Cygnus thickness gauge, CP-probe  – by request
  • Multeabeam sonar – by request