RB-50: € 1 250

(ex. VAT)

ROV RB-50 – the model for use in shallow still waters.

Can be used by: 

  • prof diving companys
  • fish farmers,
  • diving centers
  • fisherman`s and yachters
  • hydrografs etc

This model use videocamera GOPRO HERO 3+ BLACK EDITION ( 64Gb micro SD).
Its one of the best videocamera`s for clean or dirty water.

Videofilming up to 4K (15fps) or 60 fps at 1920×1080. Foto picturing– up to 12Mps .
Videocamera has TILT function in ROV` hermetic housing with ±90 angle.

Both  GOPRO control buttons are duplicated to joystick. It gives possibility to switch ON/OFF recording or change any GOPRO settings from joystick.
Its possible to download video files from GOPRO via special connector or via WI-FI.

Gopro sends analog videosygnal to control panel. Its possible use RCA connector on control panel for recording analog video with telemetry by external recording device(not included).

Model uses neutral  buoyancy re-inforced with kevlar umbilical (cable) (8mm diameter,  50 meters long).
The most difference of this model — its use low(safe) voltage in cable — 48V DC. Thats why the cable cant be more than 50 meters long.

ROV control doesnt require special training. The most problem of ROV control is to study how to control GOPRO camera and learn how to balance ROV for different water types (balance weights are included).

Model doesnt require any technical service.