RB-50D: € 2 950

(ex. VAT)

ROV RB-50D – the model for use in shallow still waters.

Can be used by: 

  • professional diving companies,
  • fish farmers,
  • diving centers
  • fisherman`s and yachters
  • hydrographs etc

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RB-50D Specification

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm340x290x280
Weight, kg5,6
Thrusters, kgs3 x 0,9
Speed, m/s0,7
Working depth, m50
Cable, m50
Front cameraUSB HD Sony
Cameraf 2,1 mm 150°
Tilt+/- 90
Depth sensoryes
Magnetic compassyes
Temperature sensoryes
Roll / Trim Sensoryes
Three-axis accelerometeryes

Our smallest ROV RB-50D equipped with a high-resolution Full HD videocamera.
It is one of our best video cameras for clean or dirty water.

Videofilming up to 4K (15fps) or 60 fps at 1920×1080. Foto picturing– up to 12Mps.
Videocamera has TILT function in ROV` hermetic housing with ±90 angle.

This model uses neutral  buoyancy re-inforced with kevlar umbilical cable (8mm diameter,  50 meters long).
The most difference of this model — its uses of low (safe) voltage in cable — 48V DC.

That is why this cable can not be more than 50 meters long.

Due to its weight and compact size, the RB-50D is a very suitable drone for use in-depth research.

ROV control doesn’t require special training.

Model doesn’t require any technical service.